Season 2

2×01 – A Reunion…

June, thinking about what’s best for the fans, convinces James to reunite the cast of “Dawson’s Creek”. But Chloe, knowing what’s best for James, does everything within her power to stop the reunion from happening.

2×02 – It’s a Miracle… (originally aired as 2×04)

June helps Chloe get through a rocky Thanksgiving with her parents in an unexpected way; James is in for more than a photo op when he volunteers at the homeless shelter.

2×03 – Love and Monsters… (originally aired as 2×02)

June comes to terms with her role in her roommate’s life when Chloe meets a man who might beat her at her own game; James throws a positivity party to combat the evils of Halloween.

2×04 – Sexy People… (originally aired as 2×03)

Chloe takes over People Magazine to teach June a lesson about thinking for herself; James gets June hot and bothered when he proves himself worthy of People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

2×05 – Paris…(originally aired as 2×08)

June enlists Chloe’s expertise with an office nemesis at her new job; James uses his skills as an actor to help Mark tell June how he feels about her.

2×06 – Teddy Trouble… (unaired)

June tries to keep up when Chloe brings in a ruthless friend from her past to help her take on the year’s biggest warehouse sale; James’ designer jeans label isn’t selling as well as he’d hoped.

2×07 – Monday June… (unaired)

June goes too far when she tries to prove to Chloe that she can be a party girl and a professional; James takes his first pregnancy scare too seriously

2×08 – Dating Games… (unaired)

Chloe skirts the rules when she and June compete for the same guy in a real-life dating game show invented and hosted by James.

2×09 – The D… (unaired)

Chloe gives June her first annual living-in-New York evaluation: it’s a “D”. To prove her wrong, June accepts Luther’s offer to set her up with James’ assistant, which gets in the way of James’ big Woody Allen audition and Chloe’s selfish antics.

2×10 – The Seven Year Bitch… (unaired)

After Chloe and James have a falling-out over his new girlfriend, June tries to repair their friendship and the negative side effects their “break-up” has caused.

2×11 – Using People… (unaired)

2×12 – Ocupado… (unaired)

2×13 – Original Bitch… (unaired)