Season 1

1×00 – Pilot

Due to circumstances beyond her control, June Colburn, an earnest, honest, optimistic girl from the heartland, is forced to move in with Chloe, a sexy, unstable, New York City party girl who has the morals of a pirate.

1×01 – Daddy’s Girl

With June’s “life plan” in shambles after breaking up with her fiancé, Chloe decides to help her get back on her feet by setting her up on a blind date; James teaches an acting class at NYU.

1×02 – Mean Girls… (originally aired as 2×10)

Discovering that Chloe doesn’t think of her as a friend, merely a roommate, June makes a new group of friends; James tries to gain publicity by mentoring an underprivileged girl.

1×03 – Making Rent… (originally aired as 1×05)

Under-employed and with the rent due, June goes into business with Chloe, only to discover Chloe has been running a troubling business on the side; James creates his own line of jeans.

1×04 – The Wedding… (originally aired as 1×04)

Chloe teaches June about confidence after June receives an invitation to the wedding of some old friends.

1×05 – The Scarlet Neighbor… (originally aired as 2×09)

June is determined to stop Chloe from ruining June’s reputation with her neighbors, as James struggles when he loses his best wingman.

1×06 – Whatever it Takes… (originally aired as 2×05)

June attempts to land a Wall Street job, but things get complicated when Chloe sleeps with someone from the same company; James strikes up a relationship with June’s mom and meets his “Dancing With The Stars” partner for the first time

1×07 – It’s Just Sex… (originally aired as 1×06)

James convinces Chloe to reshoot some scenes from their sex tape as June tries to have a purely physical relationship with a guy for the first time.

1×08 – The Leak… (unaired)

June tries to show Chloe how to be a good friend; James gets in his own head as the premiere of “Dancing With the Stars” approaches.

1×09 – Parent Trap… (originally aired as 1×03)

Chloe brings in some help for her “busy season” and June ends up cleaning up the mess Chloe has left behind.

1×10 – Shitagi Nashi… (originally aired as 1×07)

June’s attempt to keep up with Chloe leads to the discovery that they might have something in common aside from partying. Meanwhile, the rivalry between James and Dean Cain heats up.

1×11 – Bar Lies… (originally aired as 1×07)

Chloe’s constant lying troubles June; June prepares for her mother’s visit… until she realizes that it’s not only Chloe who lies; James goes to LA for the “Dancing With the Stars” premiere.

1×12 – A Weekend in the Hamptons… (originally aired as 1×07)

The gang goes to the Hamptons! Bender! June waits anxiously to hear about a job; Chloe struggles to keep the bender going after old friends have changed; James attempts to recover from the “Dancing With the Stars” debacle with the help of Mark.